175 Best Babycakes Cupcake Maker Recipes

It may be called Babycakes® but the results are definitely grown-up!

The Babycakes® cupcake maker is one of the most popular new entries into the small appliance category in recent years. Over one million units of this nifty and charming appliance were sold last year, with the numbers only expected to increase as news, reviews and word spread about this ingenious appliance.

The Babycakes® cupcake maker is a stand-alone appliance that sits on the countertop, has a cooking area and closes with a hinged and handled lid. It features a nonstick surface that contains 8 wellsor compartments for baking cupcakes, muffins, cheesecakes, hand pies and tarts, quiches, scones, pot pies and appetizers. It can bake 8 cupcakes in just 5 to 8 minutes, so you can begin to understand the huge appeal. It also comes with an icing bag, decorating tips and crust tools to ensure perfect results every time. These delightful recipes have been created specifically for use in the maker and take you from breakfast and after-school snacks to bridal showers and elegant parties.

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Sep 2011


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