200 Best Ice Pop Recipes

Andrew Chase

These mouth-watering iced treats will appeal to adults and kids alike.

It seems that everyone is rediscovering the fun appeal of ice pops, and it’s no wonder — they’re truly one of the easiest yet most satisfying treats you can make at home. What’s even better is the fact that homemade ice pops have none of the artificial flavorings and colorings found in commercial varieties and are actually full of healthy, wholesome ingredients, making them the perfect frozen delight.

These tantalizing favorites are perfect for everything from cooling off on summer days to capping off a barbecue to providing an afternoon snack for the kids. And the frozen treats are made even cooler with innovative flavor combinations inspired by countries around the world, from Asia to Mexico and the Caribbean.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about making pops at home, including advice on choosing ingredients, freezing instructions and foolproof unmolding tips. Why buy commercially produced pops when you can be indulging in sumptuous homemade pops in no time?

Andrew Chase was the contributing food editor of Canadian living magazine for over a decade. He is a critically acclaimed chef and focuses his interest on authentic and creative international cooking. A former sinologist, he has a particular interest and expertise in Chinese and east Asian cuisines.

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