The 8 - Week Healthy Skin Diet

All you need to unlock the secrets of beautiful skin can found in this book.

Whatever your skin type, whatever your skin condition, you’ll find all the help you need right here. And whether the health of your skin is just okay or out of control, you can be looking fantastic
within eight weeks simply by following this holistic, natural approach.

Everyone can gain health benefits from following the Healthy Skin Diet because it is a common-sense diet and lifestyle program designed to fit into your life. Because it’s so flexible and easy to follow, you have no excuse not to complete the eight-week diet. It’s an anti-inflammatory eating program that was originally developed for people with eczema and then was discovered to also be highly effective in treating the following skin conditions: psoriasis, rosacea, dandruff, acne, cellulite, hives, premature aging and wrinkles, dull/sallow complexion, bags under the eyes, pigmentation, dark circles under the eyes, hives and dermatitis/contact dermatitis.

Specific suggestions are included to target each skin condition, and over 100 delicious, nutritious
recipes, as well as menu plans, provide all the tools needed for healthy, beautiful skin. So put away all those expensive jars of creams and lotions and get beautiful skin from the inside out.

Karen Fisher is a nutritionist who is dedicated to making nutrition and health interesting and accessible for everyone. she believes that the skin’s appearance is one of the main indicators of overall health. Karen lives in Australia.

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Mar 2013


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