Bars and Squares

Jill Snider

The ultimate collection of favorite recipes for snacks and desserts.

Bars and squares are so easy to make, and they provide such sweet satisfaction. Bars and Squares features 200 yummy recipes with a wide variety of flavors -- fruits, nuts, spices, chocolate and more -- that make these tasty treats ideal for almost any occasion. And many of the recipes just call for mixing up the dough, putting it into a pan, and baking it in the oven.

In this new cookbook, Jill Snider brings together an outstanding collection of her favorite recipes, which are enhanced by lush full-color photographs. This comprehensive cookbook has 12 chapters, including kid-friendly, no-bake, chocolate, brownies only, shortbread, and healthy and wholesome.

Here's a small sampling of these baked delights:

  • Orange cream cheese brownies, rocky road chocolate bars
  • Hearty and healthy apricot almond bars, apple cinnamon bars
  • Praline bars, chocolate buttercrunch bars, mocha cheesecake squares
  • Cherry pecan shortbread squares, lots of lemon squares, tropical treats.

There are familiar recipes as well as many new ones that will create wonderful memories for family and friends. This segment of the baking category is a traditional favorite, and home cooks everywhere will welcome this new cookbook.

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Jul 2006


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