Cake Mix Magic

Jill Snider

When you're pressed for time, what's the easiest way to prepare a moist, delicious cake for dessert? A cake mix, of course! Just follow the instruction on the package, pop the cake in the oven and it's ready in no time. With that kind of convenience, it's no wonder that North Americans buy over 400 million cake mixes a year.

But let's say that with just a few more ingredients and a little more preparation time, you could turn a good cake into something even better. That's where Cake Mix Magic can help.

Here you'll find over 125 fast and easy recipes, each starting with a basic cake mix and turning it into a scrumptious dessert. In minutes you'll be baking up a delicious Cinnamon Brunch Cake or Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake. Need to prepare something special for a birthday party or family gathering? You'll be amazed at the "made from scratch" flavor of Chocolate Raspberry Torte or Chocolate Toffee Crunch Cheesecake.

With Cake Mix Magic, the sorcery extends far beyond cakes. You can make a wide variety of other baked treats, including Cranberry Pecan Buns, Butterscotch Nut Bars, Chewy Cherry Bars, Gingerbread People, Peach Cobbler and Black Forest Trifle. Who'd believe cake mixes could be so versatile?

Simple recipes, basic ingredients and no experience required -- all the elements necessary for dependable and outstanding results. Whether you are an experienced baker or a novice, this book will give you great recipes that work every time.

Since 1951, the Duncan Hines® brand has been identified premium-quality food products, particularly its "good as homemade" baking mixes, and is today one of the most recognized trademarks in the world. The Duncan Hines® commitment to quality -- to making a great cake even better -- is an essential feature of Cake Mix Magic.

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Apr 2001


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