Canada's Diabetes Meals for Good Health

Karen Graham

Easy meal planning for the millions of Canadians managing diabetes.

Carefully planned, nutritious meals and sensible portion sizes are an essential part of diabetes management. This book makes meal planning easy and straightforward, so it’s no wonder that the first edition has nearly 100,000 copies in print.

All the great features of the first edition are still here: delicious recipes and balanced meal options for all the meals of the day, suggestions for healthy snacks and life-size photographs for every meal that provide an easy way to identify appropriate portion sizes. There are 70 complete meals, 100 recipes and over 100 snacks to choose from, and each section is color-coded for ease of use.

The new edition features an additional 100 photographs, plus an all-new 32-page section in the bestselling Eat This Not That format, depicted through photographs and nutritional analyses, that will provide an excellent, easy-to-follow guide for making the right food and beverage choices.

These meals are so easy, satisfying, nutritious and delicious, they will be enjoyed not only by those managing diabetes but by anyone who loves great food.

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Mar 2012


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