The Cancer Fighting Diet

A comprehensive diet plan that will help you fight your personal battle with cancer.

Dr. Coy discovered the TKTLI gene. He found that neither a cancer cell’s origin nor its localization plays the main role in its malignancy — rather the cell’s metabolism does. And with the right diet, you can change that.

In this book, you’ll learn how mechanisms in your body can lead to the development and spread of cancer cells. Understanding the causes of what is happening inside your body helps you implement the recommendations in this guide.

Using these recipes and nutritional strategies, you will cut down on sugar in order to deplete the strength and replicatory power of the cancer cells while you’re in treatment. Since the cells thrive and multiply on sugar, reducing and/or eliminating sugar quite literally starves them.

Once you realize the importance of diet for your health, you’ll not only become active in your fight against cancer, but you’ll also feel more energetic after only a few days.

Here’s just a small sample of some of the informative topics discussed in this outstanding book:

Cancer Diagnosis
• Knowledge helps healing
• The cancer cell’s metabolism
• Glucose: The nutritional basis of cancer cells

The Anti-Cancer Diet
• Does the modern diet still keep us healthy?
• Glucose is poison for the cell
• Fat: A true health elixir

Pillars of a Healthy Diet
• How the soul helps in the healing process
• Active against cancer

Healthy Anti-Cancer Kitchen
• Diet according to the Dr. Coy principle
• Breakfast: Energy for the day
• Lunch: Topping up your energy reserves
• Dinner: Light delights
• Feature: Sweet and savoury snacks

Reference Section
• Medical glossary

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May 2015


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