The Complete Doctor's Stress Solution

Over 80 percent of all visits to primary healthcare practitioners are due to stress-related illness.

The Complete Doctor's Stress Solution is the first book to summarize the available scientific research linking stress to the development of a disease and to offer a unifying theory to explain how the hormonal effects of stress result in diverse health problems. Jargon-free text explains the impact of stress on the body and the mechanisms by which it influences health.

With worksheets and checklists throughout, the book is a guide to positive solutions to reduce stress. It includes:

  • Personalized programs and therapies for specific conditions or diseases
  • Comprehensive list of options from a home-based stress-reduction program that includes diet, exercise, relaxation techniques and other therapies
  • Physical therapies including reflexology and massage
  • Herbal supplements, counseling and prescription medication suggestions and recommendations
  • Treatment strategies that are comprehensive, multi-disciplinary and provide plain language explanations of medical information and scientific research.

Changing one's lifestyle is a challenge and is often necessary to combat stress. Responding better to stress will reduce the harmful effects on well-being.

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Nov 2004


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