The Complete Guide to Natural Homemade Beauty Products & Treatments

Amelia Ruiz

All-natural ingredients will make you feel and look beautiful from head to toe.
“True beauty comes from within, from a natural lifestyle and a healthy and balanced diet.”
Pamper yourself naturally with these beauty- enhancing and soothing cosmetics and treatments, all of which feature completely chemical-free ingredients.
In this book, you’ll discover how to effectively make use of nature’s bounty, so you can prepare your own beauty treatments for complete skin, body and hair care. Using aromatic and medicinal plants, flowers, fruits and essential oils, These incredible recipes, along with lifestyle tips, will enhance your beauty from head to toe

You’ll discover how to simply prepare all kinds of cosmetics, and you’ll be amazed by how economical it is to create your own products. Only you really know what your skin needs, and these recipes allow you to truly customize products, resulting in the ultimate pampering for your skin.

There’s a wealth of information, from how to sunbathe safely with natural products to how to perfume your body and your home with essential oils, fruits, plants and other natural products.

This book is your best ally for your personal care. It will help you to harness nature’s greatest possibilities, creating beauty products that are incredibly effective at helping you achieve a younger and healthier appearance — all with a rational, balanced and harmonious approach.

Beyond the cosmetics and treatments, Amelia Ruiz teaches you how to feel satisfied with your appearance, and how to enhance your positive qualities through exercise, diet, rest and a life in harmony with your natural biorhythms.

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Mar 2016


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