The Complete Thyroid Health & Diet Guide

Approximately 12% of the population will develop a form of thyroid disease.

One of every eight women will develop a thyroid disorder. Women are most commonly affected, with an incidence five to eight times higher than men. Since the thyroid is the “master hormone,” it controls our body, and one of the biggest reason our thyroids slow down is because of iodine deficiency and aging.

Despite the widespread use of medications, outcomes remain poor. Many patients with thyroid disorders are desperate for help and are looking for alternatives to conventional medicine. This book has been written to provide an understanding of why your thyroid may be out of balance and what to do about it.

Chapters break down the different body systems and how they relate to thyroid disorders, and provide an in-depth look at autoimmune thyroid disease, which is the most common cause of thyroid disorders.

The second half of the book is filled with thyroid-healthy recipes to ensure your metabolism is running at a high level.

If you’re currently doing well on conventional medical treatment, this book can still be hugely beneficial, giving you nutritional strategies to help your thyroid work even better. You may even find that your hormone dose can be lowered by your doctor once you start following these strategies.

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Apr 2015


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