The Eczema Diet

Twenty percent of people in the developed world have eczema.

The research shows that eczema sufferers spend up to $2,000 on eczema treatments each year, and nearly 40% spend more than 10 minutes each day applying topical treatments. And yet the number of people with eczema is rising and has tripled in recent years.

While it’s perfectly fine to use modern medicines to help you or your child gain temporary relief, you need to explore and ultimately follow a path to a long-term solution. This solution involves making environmental and dietary changes.

Topics in the book include:
• Basic information on healthy skin and the signs and symptoms of eczema

• How the eczema diet works

• How a healthy liver and healthy skin go hand in hand

• Top 12 eczema-safe foods and other important ingredients

• Eczema-safe recipes

• Food charts and menus for specific age groups
This outstanding book offers solutionsand advice that can be tailored to suit individual needs — whether for a baby, child or adult — that will help manage and heal the eczema.

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Sep 2013


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