The Essential Ayurvedic Cookbook

Enjoy optimal wellness with these delicious Ayurvedic-inspired recipes.

Would you like to be healthier? Better able to cope with the daily stresses of life? Happier? More balanced? The solution may be as simple as modifying your food choices to be in sync with your constitution.

Lois Leonhardi has taken the time-honored principles of Ayurveda and adapted them for use in today’s modern culture, creating recipes that are accessible and suited to a Western lifestyle and palate. This cookbook teaches you to understand and implement Ayurvedic practices so you can begin to immediately feel the benefits.

All of the recipes are suited to a Western palate, and there are options with animal protein for carnivores. Easy-to-digest, tasty bean and lentil recipes are included for vegetarians, and, most importantly, dairy-free, gluten-free and soy-free alternatives are provided with most recipes.

Whether you’re simply looking to improve your diet or are intrigued by Ayurvedic practices — or both! — this book will not only provide answers but will empower you to understand Ayurvedic concepts and easily assimilate them
into your life.

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Sep 2015


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