The Essential Guide to Home Herbal Remedies

More and more people are returning to the centuries-old tradition of herbal medicine.

Nature still has just as many effective remedies today as it did in times gone by — effective against all sorts of diseases, as well as the unpleasant side effects of our modern life, such as stress, exhaustion, and listlessness. Even science has come around to acknowledging the positive properties
of herbs.

The growing interest in medicinal herbs is increasingly accompanied by a desire to make simple preparations at home that can treat the common conditions experienced by children, teenagers and adults. This comprehensive book will teach you the easiest and most popular natural remedies.

You’ll find 68 recipes that address more than 125 conditions— organized for every age and every stage of life. Each remedy includes step-by-step instructions on what you need to do.

Recent European studies indicate that, in many countries, nearly half the population is convinced that herbal remedies work, and that trend is certainly mirrored here in North America. With the help of this outstanding resource, you’ll discover just how useful home herbal remedies can be.

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Sep 2014


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