The Pregnancy Care Book

The essential companion for prospective parents.

This comprehensive reference on pregnancy is written by doctors from the renowned Mount Sinai Hospital. These experts provide easy-to-understand information and careful counsel on everything related to pregnancy, from preconception to birth.

The information is organized in the following user-friendly sections:

  • Before You Become Pregnant -- from genetics basics to parenting styles to avoiding risks like food toxins
  • Your First Trimester -- information on screening tests, diet and nutrition
  • Your Second Trimester -- expected body changes, personal care and comfort, exercising safely
  • Your Third Trimester -- birth and newborn planning, childbirth classes, preparing for labor
  • Your Labor and Delivery -- from birthing positions and the stages of labor to special deliveries
  • After Your Baby Is Born -- newborn care, healthy parenthood, diet and exercise advice for breast-feeding mothers.

An important feature is the extensive coverage of health conditions, concerns and complications specific to each stage of pregnancy. Frequently asked questions reassure expectant mothers and fathers every step of the way, and there are numerous charts, tables and illustrations in color.

The Pregnancy Care Book is essential reading and study material for every soon-to-be parent.

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Aug 2009


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