Sensational Slow Cooker Gourmet

Classic slow recipes for the slow cooker enthusiast.

Slow cooker books by Judith Finlayson enjoy solid sales year after year. This success is based on the author's innovative and delicious recipes, along with the immense popularity of slow cookers. Thousands of home chefs have discovered the great taste and convenience of food prepared in the slow cooker. They've also learned that this handy appliance is perfect for an extraordinary range of dishes not associated with a slow cooker.

This collection of classic slow cooker recipes selected from the author's previous books is perfect for anyone brand new to slow cookers. With outstanding full-color photographs throughout, this competitively priced cookbook meets the needs of a significant market segment. From soups to main courses and desserts, these recipes are easy to make and sure to please. Recipes suitable for vegetarians and vegans are clearly identified.

Some of the tasty recipes are:

  • Fennel-scented tomato and wild rice soup; southwestern turkey chowder; mushroom lentil soup
  • Chicken and barley bake; barley jambalaya; beef stew with rye berries, sauerkraut and dill
  • Savory short ribs; French country chicken with olives; easy vegetable chili; peppery peas with sweet potato
  • Caribbean fish stew; Greek-style beef with eggplant; tagine of squash and chickpeas with mushrooms; not your granny's pork and beans
  • Blackberry peach cobbler; plum pudding; Irish chocolate tapioca pudding; classic flan.

Extensive tips and techniques are included throughout to ensure outstanding results, while make ahead instructions enhance convenience. From everyday favorites to dishes for entertaining, these recipes will satisfy and delight everyone -- especially the person who prepared them ahead of time.

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Aug 2008


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