A Year of the Best

Oh boy! It's 25 years since the first Best of Bridge cookbook! We're still tasting, testing and publishing -- we love this job! Our approach to cooking remains the same: Simple recipes with gourmet results. But it's time for a fresh approach to publishing and you're looking at it!

While we were filming our television series for WTN, we asked Chef Vincent Parkinson, formerly captain of Culinary Team Alberta and Culinary Team Canada and currently the Chief Executive Chef of the Calgary Golf and Country Club, to join us and demystify the art of carving a turkey. We liked his twinkly smile, his dry sense of humour, and his approach to cooking. So we thought to ourselves: Wouldn't it be fun to do a book with him? We could learn lots of new culinary skills and develop a real home-cooked approach to his gourmet creations.

It was an exciting project

We found Chef Vincent was gracious, helpful, tolerant AND twinkly!.

We questioned, we cooked, we laughed and we learned! As the book evolved, we realized we were discovering new ways to celebrate the foods of the seasons. We've enjoyed the culinary adventure and we know you'll enjoy the results! Here's to A Year of The Best!

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Jul 2008


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